About Gretchen

  • her last meal would be rotisseried chicken, or maybe fish tacos
  • if she were religious, Jean-Talon market would be her church
  • prefers food as vocation, politics as avocation
  • she’s a sucker for a good cause
  • would never have dreamed that she would have lasted in such a LTR with winter-see Mexico
  • prefers music sung in another language
  • ideal date night: shooting pool at Charlie-O’s at happy hour on a cold winter night
  • likes to cook with cast iron
  • has Libby and Fred to thank for all of this
  • often tips street musicians-always accordion players
  • fell in love over chiles relleños
  • believes when you put good food and good people in a room, great things can happen

About Greg

  • considers a good playlist to be an essential piece of kitchen equipment
  • can’t imagine life without Minister Brook running through his yard, despite the floods
  • is more than happy to share any recipe
  • gives a shout-out to all the microbes that help to make his beer, cider, vinegar & salumi
  • fell in love over chiles relleños
  • doesn't think you should demonize any food
  • always cuts on wood, plastic cutting boards are an abomination
  • aims to learn to kitesurf & speak Spanish by 50
  • believes that a mountain bike is an essential foraging tool, also always carry a knife & bags
  • enjoys doing the dishes, considering it an integral part of cooking


History of Bon Temps Gourmet

Started in 1990 with a street cart in downtown Montpelier

Began with the name Laissez le Bon Temps Roulez International Gourmet, shortened for obvious reasons in 2000

Had a café at the famed Pyralisk in Montpelier in the early 90’s

Vended at fairs & festivals out of a 1963 Airstream Globetrotter until 2007

Greg got a culinary degree from NECI in 1996

Gretchen returned to her political roots, working for Senator Patrick Leahy from 1996-2007

Greg worked as Steve Bogart’s right-hand man at A Single Pebble from 1996-2003

Built onto their house a commercial kitchen, dining room and apartment in 2003

Began doing private and pop-up dinners on site in 2004

Still occasionally teach cooking classes & lead culinary tours of Montreal

Proudly served Worcester Town Meeting Lunch 2005-16

Was part of the Taste of Vermont team in Washington, DC  2005-16

Built a smoke house in 2012

Began selling smoked nuts at Hunger Mountain Co-op and Pete’s Greens in 2014

Built a pizza oven in 2015 (thanks Duffy!) and started hosting West Worcester Woodfired nights in 2016